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A jumbie is the restless spirit of a dead person. It haunts the places it frequented before death. It is also known to possess humans in order to convey its message to living persons. There are numerous stories of “jumbie possession”.
As a little boy, I heard a “jumbie story” about a childhood friend named Sukya, who returned from the grave about twenty years after she died, to visit her best friend, Seeta.
As close friends, they used to play under a cherry tree. Sukya would use a long pole to dislodge the ripe cherries, while Seeta ran around and picked them up from the ground. She used the lower half of her dress as a pouch to store the cherries she gathered.

The inseparable friends were pried apart when Sukya died from illness. Ten year old Seeta was devastated by the loss and became withdrawn.

Her pain slowly subsided with time and she continued life as the death of her friend faded in her memory. She eventually got married and started having children. 

When she became pregnant with her second child,…………………….

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