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Kamil Ali

A small window into Kamil’s background

Kamil Ali was born in Kingston, a suburb of Georgetown, British Guiana, now renamed Guyana, after Independence in 1966.

After attending High School and University of Guyana, Kamil migrated to Canada in the early eighties and now resides in Ontario with his family.


His passion for writing started in High School, due to his love for reading. He has always been an ardent reader of books dealing with the paranormal, hence the creation and sharing of THE APPOINTED COLLECTION. His philosophical ideas are shared in PROFOUND VERS-A-TALES.

Kamil believes he is a citizen of the world with Universal beliefs. He is on an eternal quest for knowledge and feels an obligation to share his findings, for the benefit of anyone willing to share his offerings.

One critic wrote about PROFOUND VERS-A-TALES, and I quote:

“This poetry collection by Kamil Ali examines the human experience: the moral complications and decisions we make every single day. Nearly every piece deals with questions and ideas about humanity and morality. The poems’ familiar settings images and characters expose the underbelly of the iceberg the points folks know exist but are happy to ignore.Ali’s writing skills are best shown through his use of the line. Often he mimics movement or an image through the length or the very look of the stanzas and lines of the poems. This builds another layer of metaphor for the piece—visual metaphor—and deepens the overall effect of the poems. For example in the opening poem “The Beggar” Ali takes the time to describe the title character’s appearance. The dirt grime and poverty of this woman are made all the more real because the lines mimic the shape and action of the beggar’s arm. Ali writes:

She stands there all day with her long stringy hair

Dirty and matted from days without care

Her long slender arms shakily extend

Long unkempt fingernails on fingers that won’t bend

Because Ali’s opening stanza is so rich and layered readers can almost close their eyes and see this woman with her unbending bones and chipped and dirt-caked fingernails.” End of quote.