The Legend of Matewata



The Legend of Matewata

While hunting one evening, Matewata heard splashing in the river. He tiptoed toward the sound and readied his bow and arrow for a quick kill. He parted the bush with the arrow to get a clear

shot at his prey.

Instead of finding an animal, he stared at the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen. The light of the full moon bathed her perfect face and rippled in the water around her. Long black hair streamed behind her.

The brave and strong Matewata’s heart pounded and his knees weakened. Dropping his bow and arrow, he fell to his knees. The bathing-beauty glanced in his direction and scrambled out of the water with her long white gown clinging to her body. She sprinted across the sandy shore and vanished into the bush a hundred yards away from him.

After a few minutes, he took cautious steps toward the location where the fair maiden had disappeared.

A paranormal tale from the book SUPERNATURAL by Kamil Ali.

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