The Dog’s Howls

The Dog’s Howls

Elders tell us that persons born with ‘caul’ have the unique gift of seeing the spirit of dead people. Caul is the lining inside the mother’s uterus, which sometimes covers the newborn’s head at delivery.

Folklore states that if you rub a dog’s boo-boo (mucous from its eyes) in your own eyes, you will empower yourself to see jumbie (ghost). No one has ever admitted to carrying out this unsavory ritual, so the verdict is still out on proof of its merits.

Dogs in Guyana are credited with the natural ability to see ghosts. Many villagers can tell you when a deceased person’s spirit comes back to visit, alerted by the howling of dogs. The animals can sense the presence of unseen visitors.

Villagers aroused by neighborhood dogs’ eerie warnings react in different ways. Sliding deeper into their thin cotton covers and sticking their heads under pillows is the overwhelming choice by the majority. They wait out the threat and endure the rest of the night, praying for the speedy arrival of sunlight.

Our story tells of one such episode involving Lalita, her husband Desmond, and their neighbor’s dog, Sparky, on a dark moonless night…

A paranormal story from the book SUPERNATURAL by Kamil Ali.

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