Shades of Darkness

Shades of Darkness

While Mary and James waited for the real estate agent to show up, an old woman from across the street came over to warn them against buying the house. She told them that the house had killed the previous family and had remained vacant for more than four decades. After she left, they agreed that she disliked city folks in the closed rural community.

When a rush of foreboding overwhelmed Mary on her first step into the vacant old house on its large lot, she blamed the old woman for trying to scare them out of buying the property by tainting it with superstition. The sharp pain from her unborn baby’s kick cut her breath. She rubbed her tummy to calm the eight-and-a-half-month fetus while the real estate agent gave them a tour of the property. James saw the opportunity to use his handyman skills to upgrade the home and sell it in a few years for a handsome profit as he had done with their previous two homes. Mary ignored the home’s negative impact on her for the benefit of the fixer-upper sparkle in James’ eyes. With their current house sold, they bought the home for a bargain price that suited their budget and moved in a few days later.

Two weeks after they took possession of the house, a midwife home delivery brought them a healthy baby girl. They named her Jane, after Mary’s deceased grandmother. Mary blamed postpartum depression for her continued uneasiness and low moods within the walls of the house. Her spirits lifted whenever she stepped out the door…

A paranormal tale from the book PHENOMENA by Kamil Ali.

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