Jumbie Bird

Jumbie Bird

The sky changed from blue to gray while Goliath soared in large circles. His velocity churned a whirlwind of dark foreboding clouds.

The giant bird spiraled downward, corkscrewing into ever-tightening circles with each drop of altitude.

Alvin’s heart tightened in his chest. He gritted his teeth against the pain of razor-sharp talons sunk deep into his flesh. Blood oozed from the wounds.

Ken’s sobs rivaled the loud calls of the birds. Violent jerks racked his body. He begged for mercy, pleading with his captors for forgiveness, and promised never to let it happen again.

Goliath made a last circle six feet above them before landing at their feet. The giant bird started to grow and transform into a human shape. A long-handled scythe materialized in his hand…

A paranormal tale from the book Supernatural by Kamil Ali.

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