Sudden flashes of lightning and deafening booms of thunder through the open window startled Blakie and Melda out of sleep. A stiff breeze fluttered the window blinds, and steady rain pattered on the wooden bedroom floor to form small pools of water.

Blakie cursed the tropical storm and shouted for it to go away. The storm retaliated with a sudden clap of thunder that shook the house and jolted Blakie into a sitting position on the bed. Melda dived under the cover.

Defiance coursed through Blakie’s veins. He sucked his teeth and flipped the cotton bed covers away, exposing his wife. She yelped a curse-word at him and pulled it back over herself. He swung his legs off the bed on his way to close the window while the storm gathered momentum for another assault on them. “Blakie, is whey yo gwine?” {‘Blakie, where are you going?”}Melda grabbed onto his arm and anchored her nails into his flesh…

A paranormal tale from the book PHENOMENA by Kamil Ali.

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