Rise of the Phoenix

Rise of the Phoenix

Shaped like a woven basket with a curved handle, the candy-floss well glowed with soft pulsing lights that changed colors at random intervals. Beautiful neon-colored butterflies flitted around and perched on a golden rope moving in slow motion through shiny pulleys attached to the well’s handle.

Sparkling gem-covered buckets at the two ends of the rope moved up and down in perpetual motion. They scooped precious stones from the bottom of the well and poured them back in when they reached the top.

Small yellow birds with blue wings teased a freckled-faced little girl with ginger ponytails. She giggled with delight, prancing around in her pure white lace-hemmed nightgown. She tried to catch the birds that tweeted and whistled at her when they circled and tapped her playfully.

Baby lambs, rabbits, and deer grazed alongside their parents on the rolling hills in the background. Patches of golden stardust clouds cast soft shadows that moved along the ground toward the well. 

A blemish interrupted the peaceful scene when a dark speck appeared in the far distance on the other side of the hills…

A paranormal tale from the book PHENOMENA by Kamil Ali.

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