Roots of All Evil

Roots of All Evil

Ruth dropped out of society when uncharacteristic overspending in her undesired lavish lifestyle as an investment broker forced her into bankruptcy. Her errant ways forced her to seek only menial jobs that did not involve financial responsibilities. The courts gave her a suspended sentence after she promised to make full restitution to clients’ accounts from which she had skimmed funds. After months of application rejections for unskilled jobs, she reluctantly accepted one as a night security guard at a cemetery that paid minimum wage.

When her shift ended at midnight the day before her twenty-ninth birthday, she entered the rundown apartment building carrying heavy bags of groceries from the twenty-four-hour discount market across the street. The bags contained the ingredients to cook a gourmet dinner and bake a fruit cake dessert. One bag carried a cheap bottle of red wine for her solo birthday celebration on February 29th.

To avoid resting the bags on the dirty lobby floor, she transferred them to one hand and reached into her pocket with the other to pull out the keys to her mailbox. The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end when she sensed a presence in the darkened building with half of the bulbs blown. The overfilled rat-infested building with cheap rent attracted unsavory tenants using desperate methods to finance their miserable lifestyles. She spun around but saw only her own reflection in the cloudy and cracked mirrored wall behind her…

A paranormal tale from the book PHENOMENA by Kamil Ali.

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