Betsy’s Own

Betsy's Own

Betsy’s Own

Seizing the opportunity to manage a European-owned plantation in the Caribbean, John Taylor anticipated life in a land of year-round sunshine and warmth with his pregnant wife, Sarah. The job came with free lodging in a large white colonial home.

Upon arrival, he found the plantation abandoned. A rusted arch at the entrance carried the words, ‘BETSY’S OWN’. Wall-climbing vines and thick bush swallowed up the house.

He checked them into a city hotel and advertised in the local newspapers for domestic workers and laborers. He waited at a corner of the hotel’s lobby for applicants to arrive. No one showed up!

An old couple appeared on a garden path beside him and beckoned to him. When he got up and they scurried behind some shrubs. Curious, he followed them…

A paranormal tale from the book SUPERNATURAL by Kamil Ali.

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