Almost at the end of her three-hour drive to her grandmother’s funeral in the country, a wrong turn forced Rita onto an unfamiliar curvy rural road. In desperation, she made several attempts to turn around but aborted each try at a three-point turn for fear of the oversized vehicle sliding off the narrow gravel road and getting stuck in the ditch. She searched for an intersection to change direction and head back to the main road but had already driven over ten miles without finding one.

She kept one nervous eye on the gas gauge and the other on the perilous loose gravel that swayed the heavy car from side to side, even at slow speed. She had left home with enough gas to take her to the funeral and planned to fill her tank after the burial for her return trip to the city. Lower prices in the rural areas meant more gas for the dollar. She had not catered for the unexpected turn of events that threatened to leave her stranded with an empty tank in unexplored territory.

Rita’s heart thumped with worry when the old car shuddered and started to lose power. Her stomach churned when the vehicle overheated, and steam billowed from under the hood. The car rattled to its final stop in the middle of the road. She stared in horror when pressurized steam shot the radiator cap through the rusty hood…

A paranormal tale from the book PHENOMENA by Kamil Ali

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