Devil’s Night

Devil’s Night

“Let’s plan something special for gate night this year.” Noel glanced at his four friends. “Last year was good, but let’s make this year better.”

“I’ve got an idea.” Jamie winked at the group with a mischievous grin.

“Let’s hear it.” Charlie glanced at him. “I’m bored with toilet papering and egging houses on the night before Halloween.”

The boys drew closer when Jamie outlined his plans for the following evening. Noel grinned and nodded. Charlie chuckled and rubbed his hands together in anticipation of sweet revenge on neighborhood boys who had gotten them into trouble. Twin brothers Errol and Jack backed out. On the night before Halloween, Jamie, Noel, and Charlie snuck out of bed and met at their treehouse hideaway in the woods behind their school. They rehearsed their plans before setting off for the village’s graveyard…

A paranormal tale from the book PHENOMENA by Kamil Ali.

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