From Mother with Love

From Mother with Love

From Mother with Love

John Worsham’s heart leaped to his throat. His group of five medical students stood in starched white gowns around the cadaver of a woman he’d known throughout his life. His gasp and dry-throated swallow alerted the professor.

“You okay, Worsham?” The professor glanced at John at the same time as the other students. He still held the edge of the white sheet he’d pulled off the body. “You’ll get over the initial shock of standing this close to a dead person by our fourth session. The sight and smell can overwhelm you at first. A disfigured body such as this one can trigger revulsion.” 

“I’m okay.” John hid his uneasiness behind a forced smile. “Just thirsty.” He cleared his throat and used a calm voice to deflect attention. 

“Let’s take a five-minute break.” The professor’s suggestion animated the other four members of the group who scampered out the back door of the lab. 
Long strides kept pace with John’s thumping heart, taking him through the lab’s interior door and along the hall to the front doors of the university.

A paranormal tale from the book SUPERNATURAL by Kamil Ali.

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