Mysterious Death

Mysterious Death

Incessant whistling calls from his friends pulled Garven out of a summer holiday slumber. He rushed to the window to silence the raucous before tiptoeing out of the house, pulling the door shut behind him with a soft thud.

A warm summer breeze caressed his face on his way to the beach. The bright yellow rim of the rising sun on the horizon and cloudless blue skies elevated his mood, with the promise of a fabulous tropical day ahead. The loud tumbling waves of the high tide battled for supremacy, rolling over each other and pushing to reach the furthest point on the shoreline. Each one deposited debris to mark its line before pulling the sand away as it withdrew.

The Atlantic Ocean sprayed its fresh salty mist on the friends to lure them into its bosom. Swimmers stayed within sight of the members of their groups and far enough to avoid crashing into other clusters of bathers. Body surfers rode the crest of the rolling swells on their way in and allowed the undertow to drag them back out. Nature’s roller coaster evoked loud laughter and screams of thrill. At the end of one ride in, Paco, the youngest member of Garven’s group, stood up to avoid the slide back out to the ocean. A glint at the edge of the wave that brought him in caught his attention…

A paranormal tale from the book PHENOMENA by Kamil Ali.

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